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Today, I introduce you to issue SSL certificate inAWS Certificate Manager (ACM) with a shell script.


The procedure for issuing an SSL certificate in ACM is not a repetitive process, so I think many people create it manually without putting it in IaC. Although it is manual work, it is troublesome to do it every time with the management console, so I tried to script it using the AWS CLI.

How to issue certificate in ACM with AWS CLI

Before scripting it, let’s review how to issue a certificate with the AWS CLI.

Note: In this article I use AWS CLI v2, but you can also use v1.

1. Request issuing certificate


Today, I will tell you about how to organize screen captures taken in macOS to a monthly or daily directory automatically.

When I take a screen capture in macOS, the image file will be saved in a specific directory (default: /Users/your_name/Desktop). If you take a lot of screen captures over a long period of time, the large number of image files saved in that directory. It will make it difficult to find the image file you want.

To solve that problem, I introduce a way to automatically save screen captures in a monthly or daily directory.

About my solution

In macOS, the screen…

Today, I will tell you about how to set up a custom domain name for an API in Amazon API Gateway by using Amazon CloudFormation.

To set up custom domain for an API in API Gateway in management console is a bit tricky. However, using CloudFormation removes its complexity and reduce operational mistakes.

Before introducing CloudFormation templates, please assume the following:

  • The API already exists in API Gateway
  • The domain to be used for a custom domain has been created as a host zone in Route 53
  • An SSL certificate for the domain (or sub-domain) to be used for custom…

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